Publication day!

A friend just emailed: Is it as exciting as the first time? 

Although there is nothing quite like the first time, I woke up this morning and thought, with a big grin, PUB DAY!



It's such a miraculous thing! 

I'm still in Mexico, so I can't see it in bookstores in Canada and the U.S. If you see it, send me a photo (sgulland AT sandragulland DOT com) and I'll post it here. 

Here is the link to the newsletter I sent out yesterday:

I've emailed the winner of THE SHADOW QUEEN (always fun).

Reviews—even brief ones—on Goodreads, or are so very much appreciated now. If you're not ready to review, give a "thumbs up" to a review you like. 


And, as well, all that usual Social Media stuff: thumbs up, likes, re-tweets and tweets! It's a noisy type of day. 

But most of all, I hope you buy THE SHADOW QUEEN, or get it out of the library. I hope you read it. And if you love Claudette and her eccentric tribe, chat it up. Word-of-mouth is still the most powerful promotion there is. 


  • musingcrow

    Congratulations !Hooray! I had our library order it and it is waiting for me to pick up!

    • sandragulland


    • Sandra Gulland

      I am so pleased! Libraries are the best! And sounds like you may be the book’s first reader!