For the stepdaughter of Napoleon,
nothing is easy—especially love.

A Young Adult novel based on the teen years
of Josephine Bonaparte’s daughter Hortense.

A “Red Leaf” selection of outstanding books by Canadian Children’s Book News.

“Sandra Gulland’s first foray into YA literature is a huge success. Having written an internationally bestselling trilogy of adult books based on the life of Josephine Bonaparte…, Gulland’s knowledge of this time period is extensive. Inspired by Hortense’s autobiography, she has written a historically detailed and truly intriguing story of this teenage girl from 18th-century France. Readers who are historical-fiction buffs or fans of the Napoleonic era will truly appreciate Gulland’s skill at recreating this fascinating period in history and empathize with Hortense at being thrown into a world that was not of her choosing.” Sandra O’Brien, editor of Canadian Children’s Book News.

“Gulland has built a career writing historical fiction for adults, including a bestselling trilogy about Josephine Bonaparte (Hortense’s mother). Her pitch-perfect balance of lush period details and character-driven narrative shines again in The Game of Hope. —
Quill & Quire

“Gulland, who’s clearly done her research, includes plenty of documented moments and people from Hortense’s life, which cultivates a rich sense of atmosphere . . . Teen fans of historical fiction fascinated by the period will find plenty to appreciate here.” —

“Elegantly written … Hortense’s lively and warm nature makes her an appealing narrator… Her coming of age and the accompanying shifts in her relationships are among the book’s highlights. … Over the course of the book, Hortense gains greater perspective on the stepfather she disdains, the father she adored but barely knew, and even her challenging schoolmate, Caroline. … the novel strikes the right balance between Hortense’s youthful innocence and the tense uncertainty of the era. It creates a convincing portrait of a young woman learning about her world, navigating through limited choices, and fulfilling her ambitions as much as she’s able.”
—Sarah Johnson, Reading the Past

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