For Book Clubs

If you would like to arrange a meet

I love to meet with book clubs, either by coming to a meeting, if possible, or by having a FaceTime, Skype or speaker-telephone chat.

If your club is interested in arranging a meet, just send me a note. Let me know the date, time—and time zone—what book you’ll be discussing, and then we’ll figure out how to connect. Generally, a half-hour works well. (Click here for comments I’ve had back from clubs.)

I’ll be adding book club resources for The Shadow Queen, the Josephine B. Trilogy and Mistress of the Sun very soon! In the meantime, there are extras and resources on the page for each individual book.

Discussion questions and other suggestions

See the suggestions in the Discussion tab for each title:

Signed bookplates: free


I have lovely bookplates which I am happy to sign for readers and book clubs. Let me know if you’d be interested.

Book clubs travel to Paris — yes, they do! 

Is your book club dreaming of traveling to France? A number of clubs have done so.

For Readers

Be sure to explore the “Extras” and other tabs for each individual book title under “Books”. There is a wealth of information there.

Articles and blogs on Historical Fiction

Great book blogs

Wonderful Historical Novels (my personal shortlist, sadly incomplete!)

Wonderful YA Historial Novels (an incomplete list and in no particular order)

For Writers

On everything to do with writing

Great books for writers

These are all wonderful books on writing. I have learned a great deal from them all.

Articles and blogs on writing

On plot

On research

On getting published (or not)

On book promotion

On book design


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