Lauren B. Davis’s excellent essay on rewriting

Lauren Davis

I’m keeping to my writing schedule, although I continue to feel a bit lost. Middles!

When I finished today, I puttered: rearranging my books, entering titles into my bibliography, putting articles in binders. Getting books up off the floor. (I’ve a long way to go on this.) I like order in my spaces—which helps explain why I’ve been a little frantic.

I’m also trying to organize the blogs I’d like to read, and so finally tackled setting up Google Reader. In doing so today, I read writer Lauren B. Davis‘s excellent blog post on rewriting: The death of my darlings. I highly recommend it.

I loved her Chekhov quote, his advice on description:

“very brief and relevant . . . one ought to seize upon the little particulars, grouping them in such a way that, in reading, when you shut your eyes, you get a picture.”


I’m reading Evening by Susan Minot. She writes beautifully spare descriptions.