The challenge of leaving and then returning to a fictional world


Stepping into my writing room this morning after four days away, I wished I had left it tidy. There is hardly room for my mug of decaf midst the festering mounds of post-it notes and scraps.

It’s always hard to return to writing after time away. Of course I had intended to write while at the Kingston WritersFest; of course that was impossible!

Later today, after I emerge from my writing room into that vast demanding arena called Life, I intend to gather my learnings and post them here. But now it’s time to dive back in…or at least dip in a toe.

Leaving the Festival hotel, a volunteer called out, “We love you, keep writing!” I’m a writer; I should be able to express in some fresh way how moving that was to hear. Instead I’ll just say that I’m tempted to print that out in bold and post it to my bulletin board.

Yes, I’ll do that, and then I’ll put my toe in, check to see how cold the water feels.