Hats for men with long hair—or how to get noticed on Google

Hats for men with long hair—or how to get noticed on Google

Every now and then I check the “traffic” stats for my site. I’m especially interested to see what words people put into Google that bring them here.

The words “mistress will not let go” was evocative; there’s a story in that, for sure. Here are some other curious ones:

unusual enemas

pimples at age 50

17th century cleavage

But what always makes me smile is that invariably someone has put in a search looking for hats for men with long hair. (Marketers: note this! Clearly there’s a need.)

I think what brings these people to my site is this post on my 17th century research blog. Just typing the words “hats for men with long hair” guarantees a certain amount of traffic. (Try it!)

Here are a few of the searches: hats for long hair men; guys with long hair and hats; long hair men’s hats; hats for long hair guys …

And on and on, a different long-haired guy looking for a hat nearly every day.

To appease the desperate, here are some other looks they might consider: 1, 2, 3.

Several years ago, I wrote an essay for The Savvy Reader on this subject: “Exploring Goggle’s Underbelly.” Curiously, people have stopped coming to my site in search of poison. I can’t help but wonder why.

You might ask what any of this has to do with The Writing Life.

1) Summer melt-down. Yes!

2) My Next Novel is being edited.

3) That doesn’t mean I’m twiddling my thumbs, however. I’ve spent several days taking out the glitches in my website.

4) I’ve also begun cataloguing my books using Delicious Library, a program recommended to me by Merilyn Simonds, who was in Eganville with her husband Wayne Grady for a delightful reading from Breakfast at the Exit Cafe. We talked writing & publishing until the wee hours. More on all of that anon.