Apologies (and a brief explanation)

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 9.46.10 AM

My apologies to the subscribers to this blog for the mysterious “sss” “sss” “sss” blog post you were sent recently.

I make most of the changes to my website myself, and in this case I rather messed up!

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 9.49.14 AM

But some things have changed, and for the better. Note that now  “Blogs” is a tab. It’s no longer, as my son pointed out, “a treasure hunt” to find my blogs. Yay!

There are, nonetheless, still quite a few glitches to be fixed. As well, in the months ahead—in anticipation of the April 8 launch of THE SHADOW QUEEN—some design changes to be made. These I will wisely put in the hands of professionals.

I adore fiddling with my website, but it’s keeping me from what I should be doing this morning: editing YA1 (shorthand for what I’m now calling HORTENSE: THE GAME OF HOPE).


And so, to work…