My first “podcast”

My first “podcast”

{Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash.}

The Net Promo for Luddites workshop I gave this last February at the San Miguel de Allende Writers’ Conference was recorded. It’s a wonderful service they provide. I was not only able to get the recording of my own workshop but of two workshops I hadn’t been able to attend.

One of them was C.M. Mayo‘s workshop. Catherine is not only a fantastic writer and teacher, but my go-to Tech Expert.

I had the CD, and I was able to load it into iTunes, but where to go from there? Catherine immediately emailed back simple instructions: drag file to the desktop, load into Presto! Here is it:

It’s long, and I doubt that any of you will, in fact, wish to listen to it, but I’m showing it off as a technical accomplishment.

If you want to see how a pro does it: sign up for Catherine’s e-book, Podcasting for Writers. I know this e-book is going to set off creative fireworks in my soul!