Articles about Josephine

I was writing the Josephine Trilogy for well over a decade, and during that time a number of articles were published, both written by me (about Josephine), and written by others (about me and Josephine).

The articles that follow were written by me. For the ones written by journalists, scroll down.

The Story Behind the Story
I thought: This must be what it feels like to be possessed …

Animating History; The Challenges of Writing an Historical Novel about Josephine
How can I do this? The answer is: Yes, and how can you not.

Josephine Before Napoleon: Fact and Fiction
In an age when women had few rights against a man, much less a husband, Josephine took her husband to court and won.

Josephine: a Short Biography
“Not many women in history are known to the world by their first name.”

Was Josephine the key to Napoleon’s power?
The history of the Napoleonic era is rife with myth: Josephine enjoyed a good story and Napoleon knew the value of propaganda.

Regarding the cause of Josephine’s infertility
In general, the historical interpretation of Josephine has suffered from a poverty of concrete evidence, not to mention the apparent reluctance of some writers to scrap a colourful story even when evidence to the contrary exists.

Regarding the name Josephine
Although little is known about how or why Rose changed her name to Josephine, most historians seem to agree that it was Napoleon who instigated it.

Mud Baths and Dusty Coffins: in Search of Josephine
Seeking Josephine has been an adventure on a global scale.


Thank you, Josephine
Destiny has smiled on historical fiction writer Sandra Gulland. By Janice Kennedy for The Ottawa Citizen, September 10, 2000

Walking in Josephine’s Shoes
How the best-selling trilogy about Napoleon’s wife changed her life
By Alexandra Gill for The Globe & Mail, Saturday, November 4, 2000

Possessed by Josephine 
Napoleon’s wife holds author enthralled 

By Paul Gessell for The Ottawa Citizen, Wednesday, June 3, 1998

Sandra Gulland’s daring experiment
A request for reader feedback gave the Ontario writer
more than she bargained for

By Carol Toller for Quill & Quire, March 1998

The editor survives the editing
By Charles Gordon for The Ottawa Citizen, June 4th, 1995

Seeking Josephine in spirit world
Writer uses medium in ‘biography’ research 
By Philip Marchand for The Toronto Star, July 11, 1995

Exploring one of history’s most famous duos
Area writer pens second novel about Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte
By Andrew Wagner-Chazalon for The Daily Observer, Wednesday, May 13, 1998