I had the day off yesterday in Philadelphia, the leisure to regroup: shop for small essentials, attend to laundry, nails & toes. I even checked out the spa in the hotel (very nice). Chipped away at a mountain of email. Had a wonderful tuna and mushroom risotto lunch at the Continental, a hip retro restaurant not far from my hotel. The risotto was almost as good as my husband’s.

Richard calls every morning. He’s at the cabin on the lake, and I can almost feel it—the trees in the breeze, the summer sounds of children playing. I’m longing to be there! I’ll have four days back home at the end of this week.

This week: West Chester, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Chicago. Seven events, three new hotels, three airplane flights and a number of very long drives. And temperatures in the 90’s! This week will be a test.