Some book clubs have book-themed dinners, but imaging a club whose members historically dressed for a discussion of a historical novel.

Then: imagine that they are discussing your book.

And now imagine that they are discussing your book in a bookstore.

You have to admit that that’s fairly special!

Historically dressed book club reads Mistress of the Sun

Tami Grondines, a Chapters/Indigo employee, reported to HarperCollins Canada that  Mistress of the Sun, was “very well received” by her book club. It scored a “solid 9 out of 10.” (Yay! :-)

Here are photos of two of the members who historically dressed for the discussion!



I love that there are three editions of Mistress of the Sun in the snapshot.

This book club is extra special to me because Tami, the organizer, gave me editorial feedback on an early draft of The Shadow Queen,

Here she is with published hardcover editionpointing to her name in the acknowledgements.



She wrote: “… seeing the changes that Sandra made due to my feedback was amazing and emotional.”

Thank you, Tami! Your feedback was important.

I have written an essay on this unusual editorial “experiment” asking bookstore employees to read an early draft of a manuscript.  I will link to here as soon as it is up.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy The Shadow Queen and Mistress of the Sun, the two novels in The Sun Court Duet, now both out in paperback.

The Shadow Queen, beautifully historically dressed


Here is a Pinterest blog on Book Inspired Costumes. Fun!