Saturday was a long and challenging day, but the excellent co-ordination of my escorts—Larry and Ken—made it effortless.

It began in La Jolla, checking out of my hotel in gown.

Then, to the La Jolla Arts Festival, where Warwick’s bookstore had a booth set up. They’d never tried this, and I was their first test case. As always, it only takes one ardent fan to make an event worthwhile for me. (Too, meeting a man who lovingly restores and then sells antique cars, and uses the money to take a family off the street —to save them—three families so far. So moving.)

I changed out of my gown in a Whole Foods washroom, and then my escort Larry and I headed north. After about an hour, at a Barnes and Noble between La Jolla and Thousand Oaks, I was “handed over” to escort Ken. Then began the long drive to Thousand Oaks, for an event at an extraordinary Borders, a bookstore and coffee shop/restaurant in a former bowling alley.

There—hugables!—sister Robin, Betsy and Betsy’s mom Alma.

And “Ladies of The Book Club” (Pam Clark, Shari Mark, and Brenda Alibrandi sitting, Barbara Schwartz and Dawn Drost standing):

It was a wonderful event, in large measure due to the vibrancy and energy of the wonderful staff and great food:

And then the drive to glamorous Beverley Wilshire hotel in the heart of LA, where they did not have a room, so I had to “make do” with a large and sunny suite. I’m in LA for three nights: time enough to have The Gown sent to the laundry and to recharge all the batteries, including my own.