Happy Thanks giving to all my US friends and readers. As Canadians who have already celebrated the day with abundance aplenty, we nearly forgot. A stranger on the street here in San Miguel greeted me with “Happy Turkey Day!” as I set out for the post office. It’s a sunny, warm day and everyone is smiling.


I’ve been at work today on the biographical essay for an anthology. I think it’s coming along (I’m on draft 5), but I’m hoping to have my friend and memoir-writer Beverley Donofrio have a look at it before I send it off.


I also started an essay on Bone Magic and 17th century horsemanship—possibly to be used in the “P.S.” back section of the Canadian paperback edition of Mistress of the Sun, and a shortened version for Wonders and Marvels, a 17th century research blog I’m a big fan of. I’m not sure yet. I’ve begun by dumping everything that comes to mind into a Word file. Tomorrow I’ll print it out and see what I have.

“Bone Magic” was the working title for Mistress of the Sun, and in searching through my files for information on the ritual, I came upon an early draft subtitled:

A Romantic Tragedy with Several Changes of Scene

I still love that.

I don’t write romances, but I think it might be fair to say that I do write romantic tragedies. I don’t think that’s a popular genre, however. Tant pis!