Happy Sunday! I’m newly home from weeks away for wedding festivities and grandmother pleasures—I was going to say “duties,” but “pleasures” is far more apt—and diving back into the WIP. Here are some links I think you may find of special interest this week:


For writers …

• What authors do when they are “Between Books.” I smiled at this:

“We leaf through our dozens of books on the writer’s craft, thinking that maybe there is something left to be said on the subject and that we just might be the one to say it (a great way to postpone writing fiction).

• I’ve mentioned Sarah Selecky’s website Story is a State of Mind before. She’s a wonderful writer and teacher, and if you’re looking for a guide in your work, I highly recommend her courses. I subscribe to her newsletter and read her blog, which I love. Here is her latest blog post, about the importance of attention in writing: What does “show, don’t tell” really mean?

• This made me laugh! If Jane Austen Got Feedback from Some Guy in A Writing Workshop

For flâneurs through history …

•  It is astonishing to me what you can find on the Internet. Have a look at this book, published in 1829: Domestic Duties; or Instructions to Young Married Ladies on the management of their households, and the regulation of their conduct in the various relations and duties of Married Life.

• Imagine busy city streets without any traffic rules whatsoever: London Traffic Rules of the 1800s. Not that long ago.

• It’s hard for us to understand the fears around bathing today, but it’s also hard to imagine the intense paranoia of a post-plague world. A New Idea: Bathing for Health and Beauty.


It’s No Joke: The Life of a Victorian Street Clown.

For Napoleonistas …

What did Napoleon Look Like? 

For everyone …

• I found Obama’s eulogy for Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden very, very moving: President Obama’s Eulogy for Beau Biden is Mandatory Listening, or here for a direct link to the YouTube recording.