Below are some links I found of special interest this week, and I think you may too. On the home front, I continue to wrestle the WIP. Middles are famously challenging, but so are beginnings and endings. ;-)


Especially for writers …

9 Famous Authors Rejected by Publishers. These are the types of stories all writers need.

Amazon plans to pay many self-published authors based on exactly how many pages readers complete. This is not good news! From an article in The Atlantic: “A system with per-page payouts is a system that rewards cliffhangers and mysteries across all genres.”

• Writing Spaces: Where 9 Famous Creatives Do Their Best Work. The first, of E.B. White, is an image I keep in my office.


For flâneurs through history …

Leech, Domestic Sanitary Regulations 1850 IA

Taking a Shower in the 1800s.

For Baroque enthusiasts …

The King Dances — a regal performance with heat and dazzle. I would so love to be able to see this.

For Napoleonistas …

A perfect time to shed UK’s Napoleon complex. It’s about time!

200 Years After Waterloo, Napoleon Still Divides Europe.