I must be quick. I’ve been wrestling with my email all morning and I’ve a manuscript to revise.

There has been a lot of excitement this week. The Next Novel has found a wonderful home with U.S. publisher Doubleday. I couldn’t be happier!

In the meantime, two drive-by bits. One re. a great article: “Hollywood Shadows; A cure for blocked screenwriters” by Dana Goodyear in The New Yorker. It has something to say for any kind of writer, and with humour (which is how we survive The Writing Life).

And, speaking of humour, do watch this absolutely wonderful book trailer for Laurie Frankel’s novel Goodby for NowIt’s an example of what a good book trailer can do. I hope it goes viral!

I adore Eleanor Roosevelt, the lady with a squirrel around her neck. And Einstein: “I’m younger now than when I started it. That’s how good this book is.”

What’s your favourite part?