I love this Tweet-review from a German reader. (Danke @SitataTirulala!)

“Just finished Mistress of the Sun. Congratulations, you made me shed some tears – I mean it in a good way. I think you know a novel is a good one if you’re sad when it’s over. And I definitely am in this case. And Jeez, I was so in love with the Louis you created that I almost felt Petite’s growing disappointment as if it was mine… +sigh+ Thank you for this great love story of Louise and Louis!”

I like making readers cry. (Sadist, I know.)

I hadn’t seen the German paperback edition until just now: I’m so very pleased. It’s one of my favourites. I should send the editor a note.

I spent today revising rather enjoyably. I especially like looking up delicious words in the Oxford English Dictionary Historical Thesaurus on-line. It’s amazing, and I learn so much. One treasure was becraven—which I must have made up because now I can’t find it anywhere.

Tant pis. For today: do not be craven (vanquished).