I mentioned that I met with a group of readers from Little Rock a week or so ago. One of the members has written to my US publicist to find out how to arrange a visit. (How I would enjoy that! This was a lively and fun-loving group: a pleasure to be with.) At the top of her letter was this charming heart, which I am passing on to you on this lovely Saint Valentine’s Day.

Richard and I began the day with “surprise!” bouquets of roses to each other. I gave him a Valentine’s Day card in Spanish: who knows what it might say! And then, because my coffee-maker is stratigically placed in my office (I recommend this strategy to all aspiring writers), I settled down to a little work on the plot. My recent research binge unearthed some unsettling but quite dramatic developments. I’m feeling both hopeful and excited—although still unsure about the ultimate and all-important question: is my heroine guilty?

Then I answered an email from my ever-efficient VA: how to podcast, details about my reading event in April. (She has achieved so much in very little time.)

And so now, to breakfast, and a wander out into this beautiful day. Happy Valentine’s day, one and all.