New Year is coming and each member of our family 1) reviews and “grades” each of last year’s resolutions, and 2) makes resolutions for the coming year. Last year my top resolution was to finish drafts 2 and 3 of The Next Novel in 2010, “without going crazy.”

So: how did I do?

I’m still working on draft 3, and I did go a little bit crazy this summer (that is: anxious, overwhelmed, insecure), so I’ll likely give myself a C+, or maybe a B-, because, after all, I worked hard.

I aim to finish the novel next year … but in truth, that’s hard to imagine, so I think I’ll revise my resolution to “finish drafts 3 and 4.” That’s safer because there could well be 6 drafts.

Perhaps I won’t even say anything about crazy, because that’s just part of the process.

Writing a novel is a glacial process, and, as with glaciers, there is a lot unseen under the water.

[Image: Fire Down on The Labrador, 1980, by David Blackwood. Awesome, isn’t it?]