Perhaps the highest praise a writer can give is to say that a someone is “a writer’s writer,” someone whose writing inspires.


Merilyn Simonds is a writer’s writer, and I invite you to read her new blog, the Frugalista Gardener, on gardening. “Blog” seems too crude a word to describe what are beautifully-crafted essays. (A word I love, coming from the French essayer, to try.)

It’s not often that a blog is noticed by the media and reviewed, but not only did the CBC radio cover it, but it was given the following review by January Magazine:

If you love beautiful writing or if you love gardening, you will likely find something worthwhile here. If you love both, you?ll be bookmarking in haste.

I am invariably awed by Merilyn’s craft, the beauty of her words, her thoughts.

Link to the Frugalista Gardener: