So busy! I’m on the verge of sending out a newsletter announcing the paperback editions of Mistress of the the Sun and upcoming Blog Tour. The newsletter-mailing service I use (GroovyMail) is relatively easy-to-use, but it’s always a fiddly process, and, given that I haven’t sent one out for over a half-year, of course I’ve forgotten the steps. It’s almost ready, but that moment before pushing “send” is an ever-expanding one.

Concurrent with preparing the newsletter is getting my website revised and ready for visitors. There are still a few glitches and embellishments that have to be worked out. It has been a huge job (and no doubt expensive), but—I say this every time—next time it should be a snap. (Ha!)

And so, to my reader mail, and then later: out. It’s a beautiful day here in San Miguel de Allende. I woke to fireworks celebrating the arrival of El Señor—the highly revered Christ statue that will be lovingly paraded for weeks through cobblestone streets strewn with fragrant chamomile and mint. The jacarandas and bougainvillea are ablaze in purple, the colour of Easter. A church bell rings … . How sensual Catholicism seems here, reminiscent, I think, of what it might have been like in 17th century France.

I muse … my muse, amuse. Curious how these words connect.