Yet another wonderful “list” from C. M. Mayo: Ten Tools for Organizing a Novel-in-Progress.

How many times have I reached into my bag, searching for a pen and paper, thinking, with disgust, “What kind of writer am I?” One must always have a pen and something to write on.

By writing things down, I don’t lose them and also—this is subtle, but crucial—by keeping pen and paper with me at all times, I signal to my “artist self,” I’m ready to write.


And, since I’m a sucker for gadgets, I made note of this:

But when I finally took David Allen‘s advice in Getting Things Done and started using a labeler—mine is a Brother PT-18R—I realized what I had was—I’m not kidding—a mental health tool. Chapter 4: Labeled. Notes on Minor Characters’ Labeled. Very Zen.

Thank you, Catherine, once again.

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