I’m a collector of books on writing, but few “speak” so clearly as Robert Olen Butler’s FROM WHERE YOU DREAM. I’ve mentioned his book a number of times on this blog. It is within reach of my computer now, so I was pleased to see novelist Caroline Leavitt write about it on her blog today: here.

I’ve a flurry of things to do today. In addition to family and office matters, here’s my writing-related to-do list. It’s rather long, considering that I’m not, momentarily, actually writing.

  1. Print out manuscript (in preparation for first read-through on return from Christmas holiday): this takes longer than one would think.
  2. Finish writing newsletter—prepare to send it out soon!
  3. Revise biography and send it with photo to San Miguel Writers’ Conference for their brochure.
  4. Set up character profiles. 

Of all of these, the last is the most important, yet it is the most likely to be pushed aside. Also neglected: research!