I’ve fallen behind in my posting: a reading in Eganville last Wednesday, a weekend away to go to a friend’s 60th birthday party.

To catch up:

There were so many cars parked at the church in Eganville I thought there must be a funeral on. But no, they were there for the reading: a wonderful crowd of well over a hundred. I asked friend and professional filmmaker Jackie Levitin take videos. She got some wonderful shots. I especially enjoyed her interviews with some of the people in attendance. I’ll post them eventually, when my Net speed is up.

I missed sketching out my five scenes one morning, but I have otherwise kept to my goal, even while travelling on the weekend.

For the last two days I’ve been an on-line guest for a UCLA extension course in writing. I enjoying thinking about and articulating process and will share some of it here when I get a chance.

I also came up with a title for my PEN lecture in San Miguel in February: “What: no panties? The 17th-century revealed.”

Somewhat fatigued! We have much to do preparing for 7 house guests this coming week-end and a dinner party for 29 on Sunday. It’s the Leo season: birthdays for both my husband and daughter Carrie, who will be turning 30!