Daily Routines is a wonderful blog about how different writers work. I love this quote, in particular, by Paul Auster:

Writing is physical for me. I always have the sense that the words are coming out of my body, not just my mind. I write in longhand, and the pen is scratching the words onto the page. I can even hear the words being written. So much of the effort that goes into writing prose for me is about making sentences that capture the music that I’m hearing in my head. It takes a lot of work, writing, writing, and rewriting to get the music exactly the way you want it to be. That music is a physical force.

Right now I’m so removed from writing I’m beginning to feel sick. Most of my attention is on revising my website, getting ready for a blog tour, correspondence and pressing household matters.

Meanwhile: waiting … waiting for editorial feedback from an editor. Waiting never seems to get easier. What I need to do is just write.

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