I imagined that I could write the 3rd draft of The Next Novel this summer, but I forgot how difficult the 3rd draft can be: it digs deep. I imagine that the 4th and 5th drafts will be on the down-hill slope, but for now, just starting on the 3rd, it’s all up-hill.

It’s a little confusing knowing how to proceed. Dan wants me to take my time on the first section. It’s only 40 pages, but it’s the most important part of the novel. Everything that happens comes out of these pages.

I need a plan. Because so much has to be re-visioned (re-imagined), I decided to retype it, rewriting as I go. I’m aiming to double the length, and then edit, cutting it back. Could I finish this section this month?

I began this morning setting out 10 pages. I had no way of knowing how many pages I might get through in a day. I hoped it would be more, but I thought 10 pages a fair estimate.

I got through 3 and 1/2: at this pace, the 479-page MS will take almost 7 months.

Beginnings are always the hardest.