I “met” Margaret Donsbach on LibraryThing.com, where she is host of the group Books Compared. I was struck by the depth and intelligence of her posts. A passionate reader of historical fiction (as well as a writer), she’d launched a wonderful website Historical Novels Info, where, I’m pleased to report, she has just reviewed Mistress of the Sun. I love this:

“Mistress of the Sun portrays both the brittle, artificial pleasures of the Sun King‘s extravagant court and the human—indeed, animal—nature of those who lived there. Diamonds turn out to be paste; lakes that glitter magnificently under fireworks prove to be choked with algae by day; friends become betrayers.”

If you love historical fiction, be sure to check out Historical Novels. The depth and breath of Margaret’s listings is amazing. Here, alone, is the listing for novels set in 17th century Europe: I learned a lot.

As I was posting this blog, another review was posted, this one to Scandalous Women: “I found it hard to put Mistress of the Sun down.” Just what I love to hear.

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