As readers of this blog know, I’ve been distressed over the cover of my French edition, La maîtress du soleil, which shows my blonde French character with jet black hair.

Now, after several sallies back and forth through my agent, the publisher has agreed to give the novel a new cover next spring, when it will be reissued: a heroine with blonde hair, as well as a more literary design. I’m relieved!

I’m also in the final signing stage for a film contract for a mini-series for the Josephine B. Trilogy (this has been in the works for some time), and on the verge of signing an option for a feature film of Mistress of the Sun. Sing ye!

As well, I’ve had an offer to translate all my books—both the Trilogy and Mistress of the Sun—into Turkish. Yay!

Now, back to packing … !