I fritter away time with the best of them, but quite a bit of this fritter has truly to do with writing-related work that has nothing to do with actual writing. I detest the job of filing away tax-related receipts, yet it must be done. Today I also had a contract to read, sign and send off; an email to send my editor; Sandra Gulland Inc. tax payment request to scan and send to my accountant; a tax return to mail off to my Canadian bank; a number of emails from readers to answer.

Once all this is done—today, surely!—I will need to get to the essay due for an anthology … and, most importantly, the on-going research for and outlining of The Next Novel.

Of course, I will do anything to avoid some of this tedious office work, and so instead I ordered a book on-line, fooled around on the Net, revised my To Do lists, and blogged about it all here.