I just found out about Google Lit Trip and suddenly I’m thinking (with a bit of fatigue, I confess) that I could make a “Lit Trip” for each of my books.

I already have a Google map for all the places mentioned in Mistress of the Sun. It probably wouldn’t take too much to turn it into a Lit Trip.

My imagination takes off: embedded photos, both old and new. Passages from the novel. Travel notes!

It’s meant to be a great tool for educators —and it is, clearly—but I think the general reader would enjoy it as well. 

Sigh! I have a novel to write. I’m hoping perhaps some students will take this on. There are several wonderful student-created Lit Trips on the Google site. One of my young readers created a website for Mistress of the Sun as part of a computer class. Imagine an English or History teacher assigning the creation of a Google Lit Map of a historical novel … mine, for example. I’d be delighted to help.

Link for Google Lit Trips:

Link for the Google map of Mistress of the Sun:

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