Well, I finally did it. I watched In Search of Josephine, the documentary in which I am one of the “talking heads” featured. And I didn’t die of shame.

In fact, it was fun to watch, bringing back memories of last summer in France as part of the crew.

Watching it was, however, one of those signal moments—that one moment when I had to acknowledge that I am most decidedly in what we so euphemistically call “The Golden Years.” Apparently I’m not getting younger every year.

Aside from the more vain aspects, I should note that it was quite a nice documentary. If you are at all interested in Napoleon and Josephine, I highly recommend it.

I personally loved seeing Andrea Stuart in it, the woman who wrote Josephine, The Rose of Martinique, an excellent biography. When I was with the film crew last summer, I was reading her book to refresh, and I suggested to the producer that he contact her. I’m so glad that worked out. Her contribution is fantastic! It’s hard to imagine the movie without her.

I met Andrea in London when I was still writing the Trilogy. Her own book was not yet out. We met because we were both researching Josephine’s life, both heavily immersed in all-things-Josephine.

It was an explosion of excitement meeting with her: “Don’t you hate Alexandre!” (Josephine’s first husband.) Who else could understand? We both confessed to having a crush on Napoleon, both were furious at how Josephine had been slighted by early biographers. She’d trashed one book in a rage, in fact, a book about Napoleon that didn’t even mention Josephine.

We kept up a correspondence. About the fortuneteller’s prediction that Josephine would become “more than a queen,” I emailed her that I’d read that the prediction had been printed in a journal years before Josephine became empress. I sent her the name of the journal and its date.  If she could find a copy of that publication, it would be proof.

She emailed me back days later: “Got it!” Electrifying.