While I do have to write 3 chapters a week to finish the first draft this summer, the “chapters” are short and will likely be combined, so it sounds like more than it is.

I aimed for 1200 words on Friday (see calendar record at left), and the scene flew away on me. Before noon, I clocked in at over 2000 … which has me considering aiming for 2000 a day. But no, best to aim lower: 1500? I’ll give that a go next week.

Today’s Saturday, I’m on week-end rations: 500 words today, 100 tomorrow. The important thing is to keep the spoon stirring the pot, to keep the stew simmering.

I’m also including this photo of my aesthetic new files. I felt a little indulgent making an investment in yet more stationary supplies—I do, after all, have a closet full of stuff—but I wanted that “new supplies for the first day of school” feeling to launch the writing of my new book.

Tracy Chevalier re-paints her office a different color for each new book she writes, so I decided not to feel silly about buying new files.

(Note the neatly typed out labels, too.)