I met C.M. Mayo a year ago, at the Writers’ Conference in San Miguel. I was delighted to reconnect with her again this spring. She’s a tiny woman with a big talent and a quiet manner that speaks wisdom. (She will be embarrassed to read this, I know.) She has a big book out next month: The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire. I’ve mentioned her before, and I’m mentioning her again because she has a wonderful guest blog up on Work-in-Progress that is just about all anyone would need to know about being a writer: Guest in Progress: C.M. Mayo. Thank you, Catherine. Wisdoms, as usual!


Note: Catherine also has a very worthwhile essay on her blog titled “The Three Questions I am Most Often Asked About the Writing Business.” It’s about publishers, agents, and promotion. Succinct, to the point, and wise. You can find it here.


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