I’m busy diving into the new year (as are you all, no doubt). So quick notes.

I just sent out a special newsletter offering a chance to win one (or more than one!) of these books. It’s not too late to enter: here.

co-op subscriber drive

I have two blog mentions you might enjoy. One: what I have to say on Advice to Writers blog. (“Persevere!”)

And another, a charming article by novelist Randy Susan Myers for Beyond the Margins (a great blog): “Writers Wearing Costumes, Baking Cookies & Other Mad Men Tricks.” I bet you can guess which author will be the one wearing a costume.

And last, I love this photo a Twitter friend sent of her Trilogy in the Serbian edition.

Serbian editions

I especially love how well-thumbed the books look: clearly read and reread.

Back to work! I’m delightfully lost in the Land of Research. (See this blog post on my discoveries.)