.Oh, I’m bad. Too many blogs! Readers of this one might be interested in the post from guest blogger Mary Novik over at my 17th century research blog, Baroque Explorations. I have tremendous respect for her work, and her description of the writing process is comforting, because it’s so meandering.

Mary mentions the book coming to her in a dream. I’ve heard this from two other writers of late. Josephine B. came to me in a dream, as well. This is all well and good, but what if no dreams come? What then?

(I did dream of Obama saying he had better get to work, that he had a big job ahead. And he does!)

snow pic

As for me, I’m packing again—heading south for Mexico … and for good reason. I’ve about 100 lbs. of books to pare down. Books and files and more books. It’s not easy being a travelling writer of historical fiction.