I read the following magazines the moment they arrive:


Bookmarks:  This is a great magazine for readers. It compiles all the reviews of the most notable books by genre and makes a summary report.

MacWorld:  I’ve been a Mac Nerd since the birth of the 128K ugly little Mac. (Only 128K! It was amazing what I could do with that little machine.) I read this magazine cover to cover. You would think I would know more!


Renaissance Magazine:  This magazine gives the impression of being a bit cheesy. The cover is often of someone in historical dress—and often showing serious cleavage. It’s main readership, I gather, are people  involved in history reenactments, and this group takes historical accuracy very seriously. The articles in this magazine are wonderful, and I especially love the news of new historical discoveries.


The New Yorker:  Fine dining! Journalism at its best, IMO. I don’t read it immediately, but linger over each issue for some time.

As for blogs, I subscribe to many.  It was hard to come up with a shortlist, but here is:


Brainpickings:  This is by far my favourite blog, the New Yorker of blogs. If you’re not keen on computer-reading, it’s a great newsletter to subscribe to or follow on Flipboard. Intellectual, eclectic, and inspiring.


Cup of Jo:  This is my go-to blog for hip home magazine type fare: fashion, cooking, entertaining, travel, family. It’s all filtered through the eyes of Joanna Goddard, who is charming, smart, intimate and funny.


David Seah: It’s hard to explain why this blog fascinates me so, but I begin each day reading it. The highly personal daily posts deal with time-management, creativity and technology.

What are your favourite magazines and blogs?

Next up: books, movies and apps.