For those of you not on my newsletter emailing: here it is:

The response has been amazing: I answered over 70 congratulatory emails yesterday. There are more today (plus Tweets, plus Facebook comments).

But before I return to my inbox, I want to post the first email I opened this morning: 

A friend, knowing my love for your books and consequently, Josephine, sent me this [newsletter news] via Facebook.

Almost a decade ago, I read your trilogy which excited a passion for Josephine and anything related. Read every book I could find on Napoleon, his family, the French Revolution, etc. a year later the Josephine exhibit came to my state, Louisiana. I drove to Baton Rouge from my city, Shreveport, several times and met mutually interested friends to be so close to this history.

Two years ago, my husband sent me and a friend on a long-standing dream to celebrate my 40th birthday in Paris. On my birthday, we visited Malmaison. Our private tour guide, Isabella, was precious and as she would begin to elaborate on any history, I would finish her sentences. She finally stated I could be the tour guide! 

Interestingly, I just received a gift from a friend, a book about Josephine. And then this news arrived today of your mini-series! Yay! Look forward to following this journey with you!

I love it when readers are sparked to go deeper into the research, and I especially love it when they make the journey to lovely Malmaison! 

Now: back to the inbox, and—hopefully—at some point today, back to the final revision of In the Service of the Shadow Queen.  Good news can be so diverting!