I’m very pleased with the design of a new French edition of La Maîtresse du SoleilMistress of the Sun—published by Éditions France Loisirs (through my Québec publisher Hurtubise). It even has a red ribbon marker.

The designer has used one of my favourite paintings of Louise, with her two children and an angel.

Some time ago, I read who the model for the angel was. I vividly remember thinking Wow!—but can I find that information now? No! If anyone knows, I’d be grateful.

You may buy this edition on-line here or here.

In other news, I’m working hard on an edit of The Next Novel: this will be the 4th draft. Quite a few changes: one character out, another radically changed. It is inching along.

I’m also making arrangements for my trip to the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Literary Arts in British Columbia in August.

And working to further Sandra Gulland Ink, my e-book publishing venture. Very exciting.

{Painting: Louise de La Vallière and her children by the 17th century Dutch painter Peter Lely. It’s curious for him to have chosen Louise as a subject: he was living in England, and was Charles II’s principle painter.}