A number of books are coming out right now by writers I know and admire. Two of these I gave a glowing blurb, so I’m especially thrilled to see them getting such great reviews. 

Here’s a charming one for Mary Sharratt’s Daughters of the Witching Hill, from Passages to the Past:

“Don’t you love it when you start a book and immediately get sucked in just from the first few sentences? Well, that’s what happened when I began to read Daughters of the Witching Hill. This book seriously had me from hello!”

And also this morning, Stephanie Cowell’s novel on Monet, Claude & Camille, got this rave in the Boston Globe:

“Stephanie Cowell is nothing short of masterful in writing about Claude Monet?s life and love… Claude & Camille is both a historical novel and a romance, but Cowell?s graceful, moving treatment of Claude and Camille Monet?s turbulent love defies categorization. It?s an enthralling story, beautifully told. … She writes in language that is simple, elegant, and extraordinarily evocative.”

Check out Mary Sharratt’s book trailer and her website: http://www.marysharratt.com

Stephanie Cowell’s website is at http://www.stephaniecowell.com. She also has a wonderful book trailer for her novel (click here).

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