Library confusion, 23/12/1952, by Sam Hood

I admit I have a problem. I looked at my overflowing shelves of books and decided to begin weeding—inspired and guided by my friend (Catherine) Madame Mayo’s blog post: “Decluttering a Library: The Ten Question Flowchart.”

It is of course significant that I have taken on this task when I should be 1) doing taxes, 2) revising my manuscript, 3) preparing to launch Sandra Gulland Ink, 4) debugging my website, and/or 5) making Vol. II of my father’s wonderful stories. 

In any case, I have begun, and I feel stronger for it. The ping-pong table in the basement begins to be covered with books—books to give away. Twenty of these are books on writing. What’s shocking—truly—is that seventy-five books on writing remain, each one special to me in some way. 

“When is it a library and when is it hoarding?” Catherine asks. Good question. 

What does your personal library look like? How do you keep it in check?