Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. It’s not on a day (as in the US), but on the Monday of a long weekend. Because people often have to travel that Monday to be back at work on Tuesday, people most often meet and eat at other times. It’s really a Thanksgiving weekend! 

We had 22 for (sit-down!) dinner last night, plus 1-year-old Kiki. It’s an annual event, bringing together our extended community family: our friends and their kids and the kids’ kids. It’s my favourite festivity of the year and last night was one of the best. May you all be so lucky! 

Walk to the mailbox, Fall 2013

I took this photo of our driveway a few weeks ago, when the tress were at their glory. Now the forest is in transition from golden to grey: I love it when the ground is covered with bright leaves and the contours of the hills become slowly visible. 


On writerly news, tomorrow I start an on-line class on historical fiction: Plagues, Witches and War. It’s free, and not too late to sign up. (Click here.)

On-line classes have such wonderful potential: there are 15,000 enrolled in this one from all around the world. Imagine!