I’m in New York, the Big Apple. Tonight is my NY reading at the Barnes & Noble near the Lincoln Center (7:30, 1972 Broadway)—the one with the huge room for events, big enough for rock groups, and too big for the likes of me. My hard-working publicist, Kelly Bowen, has warned me that of all the events on this very long one-month tour, this is the one likely to disappoint.

I walked by that store yesterday and the photo of me on the poster made me look like a burn victim. Oh well.

At least it’s no longer threatening to rain—according to CNN, that is, but not according to the dark overcast sky from my hotel window.

I don’t mind small crowds, in truth. There are always a few avid fans, and it’s moving to meet them.

I’ve yet to work out the logistics of my gown. The skirt wrinkles, which I hadn’t planned on. Yesterday I bought a Jiffy Esteam—a clothing steamer. (It works like magic! How did I ever manage without it?) Today I need to find an extension cord, because although there may be an outlet in my improve dressing rooms, they are rarely set close to where I can hang the skirt.

By the time this 4-week tour is over, I hope to have all this worked out.


Image from BibliOdyessy.