Posts on writing YA fiction and Terror (but not at the same time)

I’ve two guest blog posts on-line now that might be of interest to you. One is on what I’ve learned writing YA fiction, and the other is on a rather unusual approach to writing.

5 Things I’ve Learned from Writing a YA Novel” for Writer Unboxed.

The Terror of Last-Minute Revision: Confessions of an Editor-turned-Novelist” at The Savvy Reader.

Newsletter: a winner, and subscription mysteries

The day before we left San Miguel de Allende, I sent out a newsletter. (Yes, a crazy thing to do at the time!) If you missed it, click here. I’ll be sending off the winner of a book to Cindy today. She’s thrilled!

A reader wrote that she subscribed some time ago, yet doesn’t get the newsletters. I checked, and she is subscribed, but it’s curious that she doesn’t receive them. Are you subscribed, and yet not receiving them? Be sure to let me know.

A Sundae of Sundries … coming right up

I can’t linger now (the day begins!), but just want to say I’m going to begin posting a weekly summary of links I feel are share-worthy—”A Sundae of Sundries”—on … of course … Sundays.

Snow-birds landing heavily laden

We’ve been back home in Canada four days now: I’ve still got stacks of books to sort, piles of mail to answer, more friends to hug.


A few nights ago my husband cooked a chicken stuffed with the wild leeks he’d picked on the hill behind our house that afternoon. I love our two very-different lives—the one in festive, vibrant Mexico, and the other in our very quiet and somewhat remote part of rural Ontario.

Cup of Work to the rescue

But now for coffee and my Cup of Work. It takes time to get back into familiar daily routines. My Cup of Work is one anchor, no matter where we are, no matter how unsettled.

If you would like to know more about “Cup of Work” —

“I’ll have a “Cup of Work” please—writing on the road plus treasure hunts

A writer’s routine: evolving what works

A writer’s routine: how to get into a creative head space

Enjoy your weekend!