I’ve been negligent, not reporting in. Usually that means that there’s too much to say. I’ll begin in brief:

Editor Dan read my manuscript. He did not say “It’s perfect.” He raises the bar high (and that’s what I want from him), but all the while I’m inwardly groaning, wanting to play. I feel that way now ? but once I’m in the thick of it, that will be where I want to be.

In preparation for rewriting The Next Novel, began rereading Mistress of the Sun: I could so easily take a pencil to it!

I went to The Writers’ Union of Canada AGM in Ottawa: it was fantastic. If you are a published Canadian writer, and not a member, I urge you to join. TWUC does important work, and it also offers benefits.

Some time ago I posted advice to a newly-published author (here). I advised him to join PLR (Public Lending Right), but at the time I didn’t even know about Access Copyright. I was late signing up with PLR: this oversight cost me over a thousand dollars, but failing to join Access Copyright at least doubles that. I’m chagrined. Don’t make my mistake!

I’m putting together a Lulu.com book of my father’s writing, hoping to get it “published” before Dan’s edit arrives. It’s frustrating living with slow and often faulty internet, but the book is almost there.

Of course, with all this, I’m frittering time looking into new and different ways to create yet another blog (for family travel) and anxiously awaiting my iPad, which I just learned will not arrive until mid-month. (Just as well.) 

More anon … .