I seem to have no self-control. (Failed it in Grade 3.) Now that I’m approaching the launch of the paperback editions of Mistress of the Sun, it’s all I can think about. My bedside notepad is no longer full of midnight scribbles on character and plot. Now it’s all thoughts about my newsletter, my website, a possible podcast series, my blogs. (Okay, in truth there is one scribbled note about my plot—and a good one, at that.)

The problem with promotion is that it is, like most things, a bottomless pit. The other problem is that I love it. This morning, for example, I found out from Deanna McFadden, the wonderful digital guru at HarperCollins Canada, that they can give me a widget (I only learned the meaning of this word this year) that will display the contents of my book on almost any website. Very elegant! (My own quibble with this widget is that the cover used is an early draft that makes poor Petite look a little strange. Also, it would be nice to include a first chapter.)

In any case, the mind boggles. Now … if only I could sleep.