I’ve mentioned before on this blog (here and here) that I’m a fan of author Julianna Baggott (also known as  Bridget Asher and N.E. Bod).

I loved her novel The Province Cure for the Brokenhearted and read her blog — Baggott • Asher • Bode —  regularly.

She a Writer Wonderwoman! She has published sixteen books in the last decade. (Imagine that.) Her latest novel, Pure, has just come out and is set to rocket.

“A great gorgeous whirlwind of a novel, boundless in its imagination. You will be swept away.” — Justin Cronin, New York Times bestselling author of THE PASSAGE

She’s be walking the red carpet for this one: a Fox 2000 film is already under way. 

What comes through in everything Julianna writes is heart. Big time. 

And so, a few questions: 

Julianna, you’re on tour now. Forgive such a nuts & bolts question, but: How do you pack? How do you cope?

I pack badly, messily. I forget things like shoes and have to buy them on the road.  I sometimes like to talk to people on planes, other times I shut down. I’m terrible at sleeping in hotels. I don’t like germs.

I DO like people in bookstores, very much. They’re my kind of people. (But I’m not doing a huge traditional bookstore tour right now…)

You have a complex writing life (you write in a number of genres for several publishers under three names), a no-doubt demanding job as a professor, plus you have a large, young family. I know you’ve been asked this a million times, but: How do you do it? 

I’ve learned to write while not writing. I keep the work in my head.

I write lists — lots and lots of lists. Every night before I fall asleep, there are lists before I can drift off.

I’ve learned to make interruption part of my creative process. To accept it.

Do you use an assistant? If so, what does he/she do for you?

I’ve had assistants over the years and right now I’m working this wonderful smart young woman, Tara Gonzalez, who knows the world of YA literature extremely well, works at a library, and is attending college. She’s incredible. Organized, smart, and plugged into a world where I need a guide.

I loved watching this old video interview of you: A Day in the Life of Julianna Baggott:

Wow. 12 years ago. I haven’t seen this in so long. This was before, in so many ways, I had my ass handed to me. This was a completely pivotal time. I was just about to fail — very personally and professionally. And my life would change completely within one year. Everything I thought I knew here was about to be upended. Failing was about to become more intimate. Pulitzer, ha. I can’t even bear to listen to myself talk.

And yet, that was who I was and in so many ways still am.

And, God, I still love the man in that video. 18 years together. And those babies!

Your definition of success at that time was seeing someone on a bus or airplane reading your book. Has that happened? 

Nope. And frankly with e-readers it probably won’t. You don’t see jackets anymore.

What’s your definition of success now?

My definition of success now is that I get to stay on the field. I want to keep playing.

Fox acquired the film rights to Pure. Is “script writer” yet another hat you will be wearing?

I do write screenplays, but I think they’re going after someone who has a really serious track record in the industry; I like that. I really respect the producer on the project, Karen Rosenfelt, and her assistant, Emmy Castlen. They’re smart and creative people with a real eye.

What do you dream of doing that’s yet to come?

Right now, I’m one foot in front of the other. I loved the world building aspect of Pure. It’s a trilogy so I’m at work on edits for the second book and then the third is due right on its heels. I’ve got to carve out some mental space to build all of that architecture.

Thank you, Julianna!

As for myself, I’ve ordered Pure and very much look forward to reading it. From the reader comments already on Amazon.com, I’m sure this book is going to be a hit.

Check out the awesome book trailer!

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