I’ve been absent, both on holiday and down with a nasty cold. (Don’t feel too sorry for me: I’m in Buenos Aires, after all.) I’m just going to post some blog links.


First, I’m honored that Mistress of the Sun was included in Margaret Donsbach’s top historical fiction of 2009 list: click here. Margaret is both a demanding reader and perceptive reviewer.


I’ve been enjoying reading Margaret Atwood’s blog. Her “Fifteen Book Tour Packing Tips” has excellent advice—not surprising considering that she spends most of her life traveling. (How does she do it?) I’ll be reviewing her post on “Ten Editing Tips, for Your Fiction Mss.” on my return to Normal Life. Early in January, I plan to read/edit the first draft of the novel I finished at the end of October. (Am I nervous? You bet.)

My New Year’s resolution for 2010: finish drafts two and three (without going crazy).

Happy New Year, everyone. Twenty-ten has a nice round sound and bodes well.