What does a writer do when a manuscript is with an editor? Clean closets, shop, throw stuff out, look for mouse nests, tame the desktop. In short: house attack. This is arduous work, and I’m very much looking forward to getting back to writing.

Not that there isn’t writing work I should be doing: research, for one, taking notes. I’ve yet to organize my notes from my latest research trip to Europe, for example.

But for now, something from the book pages of the Ottawa Citizen. (A wonderful book page that hasn’t expired!)

The quote, which is spot on with respect to the revision process, is from author Sloane Crosley, author of How Did You Get This Number?

“I am handing in a draft and we will see what happens. Trying to shove it back into the womb and have it come out something else is a very tricky experience as it looks familiar, but is a bit off….”