It never fails to surprise me: starting to write (or rewrite) has stages—and the first stage is resistance, otherwise known as procrastination. 

Everyone knows the expression “like pulling teeth.” Getting back into the world of a novel in order to revise is like that. It’s amazing how much I can get done avoiding it: 

I went through all my computer applications, throwing out ones I never use. 

Looked for duplicate photos on iPhoto. 

Made a dental appointment. 

Stared at my datebook. 

Checked—for the zillionth time—my e-book sales on (Addictive.)

Explored research destinations for our next trip to Europe. (Coming on soon.)

Scanned texts. (I adore my new ScanSnap.)

Wrote notes for this blog. 

Organized tax receipts. (!)

But then, eventually—when there was only an hour left in the day—I began. 

And it wasn’t all that hard! In fact, I enjoyed it. 

The fact is, resistance/procrastination is the first stage in writing/rewriting, and it’s best to allow time for it.

So: I’ve begun to revise, tuning up here, researching for the telling detail there—but now I realize that I need to go to the third step: production. I’m aiming to add 50 pages to The Next Novel (an editor’s suggestion)—which means I should write 70 and cut back.  And that means I need to shoot for a daily quota of so many words and keep track of my progress in a datebook. I will begin with an easy goal—100 words a day—and then crank it up. 

Perhaps you are wondering about the covers at the top? My e-books are on Kindle and iTunes (Kobo soon to come). I’m enterprise-proud! They are available now to readers outside Canada and the U.S. Have a look!