I’m keeping to the scenes. Today, being Sunday, I thought: just one. But it ended up being five index cards. They are stacking up.

I’m also filling out the Timeline with respect to La Grande Mademoiselle: I’ve read many books on her, “T” marked in the margins—this is my code for “post to Timeline.” Posting facts to the Timeline is a big job, engrossing but time-consuming, and also somewhat hard on my body (in spite of all my ergonomic equipment).

My intent is to get the facts about La Grande Mademoiselle’s life down and then print the significant events onto cards, and sort them in with the scene cards. Before I do that, I’d like all those “T” notes posted. I question the wisdom of this: am I procrastinating in the guise of research?

As well, I found a down-loadable version of one of La Grande Mademoiselle’s novels, which I now have on computer. It would be a worthwhile project to attempt a translation. (Reminding me now of the lost project, the “translation” of the 17th century book on horsemanship.)

All this helps to explain, I think, why it takes me so darn long to write a novel.